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You can enjoy and relax in our Hotel’s Spa Center in the centrum of Yalova


Mirart SPA Massage List

Spa Classics

World Massages

Turkish Bath Treatments

Massage Types

Balinese Massage​

Bali Masajı
This relaxing massage therapy, designed to reduce deep muscle tension, using point pressure and palm pressing techniques with aroma therapy oils, providing physical and mental regeneration.

Mirart Signature​

Mirart İmza Masajı
It is a special massage technique that relaxes your body spirit, reduces tension and relieves pain and leakage from your body, which is the combination of aroma therapy oils and medium pressure and palm techniques of Bali Massage and Classical Massage.

Aroma Therapy

Aroma Terapi
It is a very relaxing massage that is applied with a mixture of special aroma oils to relax your whole body and make you feel fit.


Ayak Masajı
Reflexology, which is a former healing art, is a massage performed with the fingertip pressure applied to the sole of the foot.

Antistress Massage

Antistres Masajı
It is a type of massage that relaxes the back, neck, waist and arm area from the body with the mixture of aroma oils.

Hot Stone Therapy​

Sıcak Taş Terapisi
A very relaxing massage therapy that provides energy flow to relax your muscles, applied to the whole body and it is made with heated warm volcanic stones and aromatic oils.

Anti Cellulite Massage

Selülit Masajı
It is a type of massage applied to cellulite area.

Classic Massage

Klasik Masaj

A mixture of special aroma oils reduces tension and relieves existing pain and aches.    

Turkish Bath Rituals

Hamam Ritüelleri

Peeling & Foam
Peeling & Foam Massage